Better yet, hitting a draw will increase the average distance of your drives. golf is a strange game… I think it has to do with where you want to start the ball witch is right when you draw and left when you fade. This is exactly one of the reasons why Tiger won all of those majors; he eliminated one big miss. This exaggerates the hook shot when golfers swing from the inside because less loft is harder to control. Bottom line, I hit my 5 wood much better, and seriously nearly as far as my driver. The Easiest Way to Hit a Draw with Your Driver. Sure – you can’t fade the ball with a right swing path (barring some wild gear effect – see later), but you can manage your hook and turn it into a draw (like Rory Mcilroy, Speith etc) by having the face LESS CLOSED … Thank you. A 3-wood generally is easier to hit than a driver -- provided the 3-wood has more loft -- but tougher to hit than many irons and wedges. “Why do I constantly slice with my driver, even as my iron shots keep getting better and better?” I hear this complaint from a lot of golfers. I try to swing my 3 wood and hybrid more like my irons. You may experience a shallow angle of attack along. It starts with a fundamentally-sound alignment, grip and stance. I managed to get my hcp from 26 down to 15 playing with a fade. I've always hit my irons really well, I've never hit my driver very well. I always wondered why at 5’8″ my irons had to be adjusted to 2* upright and why I hit my hybrids and fairway woods more off the toe. Once with my driver and the other with my irons. Draw or fade bias cannot do that and here's why. Reply. No more thin toe shots. 1. Having looked at both, here’s my top three reasons why. So when you hit the ball on the center of the face, impact then is on the toe side of the CG. Will tomorrow. Being able to hit a draw or fade on the golf course is a key skill to have if you want to drastically improve your game. But my driver has always given me fits, and lately has just come undone. Hitting a draw does several things for your game. you lose some … I had the ball too forward in my stance with my short irons. However, my driver went from 260 yd average distance to extreme slice and no distance. I am hitting my 3-iron around 180-200 yards from the tee box very consistant straight or playing a draw, i had a problem slicing the ball but solved it by practicing swinging with only my left hand to get the motion of turning my wrist and not going up and down, I am a right hand hitter. i figured out i was coming over the top with my driver and it was causing the ball to slice hard. There are actually quite a few ways to play a fade shot, and you may have discovered one of these methods by accident already. A round-ruining, gravity defying left-to-right missile that seems preternaturally attracted to trees has created an industry within golf. They’re out there hitting beautiful, high shots with their irons. i also started choking up on my driver a bit. But ensuring success off the tee isn’t as simple as hitting a 300-yard drive in the fairway. i have this problem too. My irons have regular flex steel and my driver is regular flex graphite (Fujikura Fit On 360). As you put more weight on the heel side of the head, you pull the center of gravity toward that weight, and off the center of the face. 2 things are wrong with my woods generally, hit the ground first before the ball, and a slight fade … “Just the way I have it set up, the way I … The slice is a common enemy of high-handicap golfers. Fade driver, Draw irons First time in my life playing fitted clubs and I am finding it easier to fade my woods but draw my irons. Great distance and slight draw with very good accuracy. A draw driver is even more rare. Why do we not see much, if anything, about lie angle options for metal woods, hybrids and drivers. However, I had to provide ALL the reasons and present the answer clearly and concisely. Let's talk draw bias for this explanation. my three thoughts before i hit off the tee are to keep my hands back, tilt my spine away from the ball and to try and swing up on the ball. This fade finishes a little right of target, but it is a functional shot. My normal shot is a draw, which to me looks like a straight shot that just moves a little left at the end. Conversely if your problem shot with a driver is a hook you should tee the … I’ve tried everything from lessons to watching all these videos but now I just do not feel comfortable over the ball with my driver … When playing a dogleg, a golfer may have to play a slight draw or fade … Within 5 minutes I was able to shape a draw and/or a fade with my irons. While some pros play the power fade as their go to shot, most PGA tour players favor hitting a draw. Draw woods leads to too many hooks, and fade irons leads to flipping my hands and losing a ton of distance. If you haven’t, and you’d like to experiment with hitting a fade shot, here’s how you should go about it when using long or middle-range irons. Could it be the difference in shafts? It’s why the Ping G400 and every Ping G driver since the G30 has included a draw-biased version, including the G400’s SFT. The golf swing is incredibly hard on the body and you’ll only do yourself damage by trying to swing a driver hard without warming up your muscles first. Shallow Angle of Attack / Fat Shots. I feel quite confident in the short irons from 7-LW with a tendency to draw the ball. Page 1 of 2 - Fade Or Draw, Slice Or Hook - posted in Golf Talk: I began playing again in late 2012 and always hit the ball with a fade and my bad miss was a big slice. if you want to play a draw I think you should start with an open clubface and if you want to play a fade I think you should start with a closed clubface. Less than my power fade? Today, I would like to show you the easiest way to hit a fade with your driver. This explains a lot of my problems. 2. The driver has been in the closet for nearly 2 years because I could hit my 4 iron farther so why waste the space in the bag. It happens from time to time, but I can count on the fact that if I set up a little bit right of my target, the ball is not going to end up 30-40 yards right of my line. - posted in The Lesson Tee: Hello, Ive been struggling with a chronic swing flaw I cant fix. If you can hit it far but not […] This makes me think I'm missing some critical piece of swinging a driver. Playing a golf hole successfully starts with a well-executed tee shot. If you tend to fight a slice with a driver you should tee the ball higher as this helps to promote a draw. If my stock shot is a power fade ( in to out fade) and my driver has been optimized for this shot won’t my draw have the tendency to flight lower with possibly too little spin and fall out of the sky causing loss of distance. My favourite drill that works Here’ a simple drill you can practice at home or at the golf driving range to … However, I have always played a draw with my irons. I can pretty much draw and fade a ball to order with every club except my driver where its just too unpredictable at the moment, only thing is that sometimes I put too much of either on it. With my draw I have effectively eliminated a big miss to the right. Many golfers have a tendency to focus on the distance when hitting their driver, but what’s more important is the accuracy. The first is that hitting a draw, especially with your driver, can add 5-15 yards depending on the speed of the fairways. With irons, the lighter heads enable the hands to turn the face, but often too quickly, causing the face to close on the ball and promoting a draw… So I have a picture now, of a couple targets for my swing. I know I have two different swings. Now that I am a 2 hdcp I can draw my driver if I work at it but it is not my natural tendency. Now, the one thing I could do very well at that time was playing – my draw ALWAYS went further than my fade – I knew that from a players’ … But for some reason (this is where I desperately seek the insight of veteran golfers) I have a tendency to fade or slice my … With the driver, my hands can't close the driver face quickly enough to bring the driver to the ball perfectly square most of the time, hence it cuts across and a fade/slice emanates. We have talked about the ways to hit a fade in the article, How to Hit a Draw & Fade with a Driver, How Phil Mickelson Hits a Fade or a Draw and The Advanced Way to Hit a Draw and Fade. It was at this stage that I went in search of the draw, mainly with the driver as I felt I was losing some … The Easiest Way to Hit a Fade with Your Driver. My irons are 2 degrees flat (I am short at 5’7″). Jamie Barnett July 9, 2019 at 10:07 am . So, this was my study and it took me 4 months!! At some point I picked up a 5 wood which I love. I have always been a draw player especially with my irons, but can fade a bit when absolutely necessary, even with the upright lie. reading your tip of ball position. When I'm trying to hit it straight that is when the slight draw makes an appearance, I have to physically setup for the fade. Proper Golf Stance When Using a Driver. Finally Learn the Answer to Golf’s Most Aggravating Question. Quite a few club manufacturers offer "draw drivers" in a range of configurations designed to combat chronic … Why Do I Always Slice With My Driver but Not With My Irons? The accuracy of your drive is of vital importance. What Is a Golf Draw Driver?. I’ll touch on this one a little later. The main reason why a golfer can’t hit their irons consistently is due to incorrect stance, poor contact with the ball, or using an iron that is too long or short for their height. My tendency was to dig the toe into the turf first and the upright lie has helped reduce that. My sense is that the change in the lie did not affect the shape of the shot, but improved the contact. Haven't hit my driver yet. Today, I would like to show you the easiest way to hit a draw with your driver. This shot lays out the rest of the hole and decides how you will approach the green. draw the short irons, fade the long irons, and you dont want to know about my woods. Golf is a funny game. My putting is not too bad, and short irons are average. What’s so very frustrating is my irons are fine! In reverse of the draw, the above conditions have to be met in addition to both of them being pointed left of the target. I have always sliced (old days) or faded my driver. Why You Can’t Hit Your Irons Anymore. Seems like those longer clubs would exaggerate swing and ball flight issues when one is not playing the correct lie angle. I'm sure I will get better results. Thanks for the tips, though. The benefits of this are greater distance and a lower, piercing trajectory. Unless otherwise stated, this tutorial features information on how to hit both shots with a driver only . I’ve been struggling with the driver lately (and always really), while my irons have continued to get better and better (thank God). “The driver is the only club that I do not want to hit a draw with,” he said. We have talked about the ways to hit a draw in the article, How to Hit a Draw with Your Driver, How to Hit a Draw, How Phil Mickelson Hits a Fade or a Draw and so on. Why does a draw go further than a fade. When you do this right, you’ll be in a tour pro position ready to strike the golf ball flush with your irons every time. Any have any ideas why I would hit a nice controlled draw with my irons (Ping G10) and I slice my driver (Mizuno MP600)? How to hit a fade with irons. In the above picture, having the face just 3 degrees more right now produces a draw onto the target.